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Our solutions for legal disputes involve:

  • Litigation support
  • Expert opinion/testimony eg quantum evidence
  • assisting at mediation to resolve financial aspects
  • assessing economic loss from personal injury eg accidents, public liability, compensation to relatives, medico-legal
  • assisting lawyers on cross examination of other experts, financial evidence and allegations
  • assessing damages arising from commercial claims and disputes eg negligence, product liability, product tampering / recall
  • assisting with further financial discovery and subpoenas eg identifying potential recipients and inadequacies
  • quantifying instructed domestic care costs
  • quantifying delay and prolongation claims and assessing on and off site overheads eg construction disputes
  • quantifying environmental damages including delay claims, clean up costs and other consequential losses
  • quantifying loss of use of money claims
  • providing research / scrutiny of evidence supporting (or rebutting) financial allegations
  • investigating business solvency
  • scrutinising financial statements and projections for stakeholders eg partners, lenders, suppliers, customers
  • Financial investigation of business interruption, negligence or misrepresentation.