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Overview of What We Do

As specialist Forensic and Investigative Accountants, we are expert at identifying, assembling, analysing, presenting and rebutting different types of financial evidence.

Typically we are retained to provide:

  • solutions for legal disputes, insurance claims, business & government
  • analysis and extrapolation of financial material;
  • advice and implications arising from analysis or addressing specific issues eg damages, fraud, economic loss, what if?;
  • expert testimony where we report or present opinions (on financial material) for litigation, insurance claims, mediation, resolution of commercial disputes etc.

Our expert opinions and reports are of a high standard - needed for legal proceedings. This may typically involve:

  • identifying what key financial material is needed to prove or rebut a claim / dispute and where and how that is best assembled
  • quantifying damages or economic loss in a legal dispute or insurance claim
  • assessing the truth of financial aspects and assertions
  • applying computer analytics to data, identify trends and draw appropriate conclusions
  • analysing financial data and financial impact eg contractual breach, negligence, misrepresentation, business interruption or fraud
  • scrutinising financial statements and projections for any stakeholder eg shareholder, partner, lender, supplier or customer
  • investigating solvency, fraud allegations etc
  • resolving claims and disputes by arming you with better knowledge about evidence from both sides