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LEGAL DISPUTES Economic Loss - Personal Injury, Compensation to Relatives, Wrongful Death We have assessed and prepared reports on the economic loss arising from personal injury involving a wide range of career/earning scenarios, circumstances and industries.

We were retained by the lawyers in the high profile legal action involving the Moran family and Moran Health Care Group. This highly complex matter featured in the daily media over the extended court case. We assessed economic loss and the other expert's opinion. We assisted pre-trial, attended the trial and provided expert testimony and assistance with cross-examination.

  Defamation Damages Retained in a number of cases by lawyers for a publicly listed media company to address claims for damages as a consequence of alleged defamation on national television.
  Landlord/Tenant, Franchise and Property Disputes Lawyers retained us to assess damages arising from financial misrepresentation, breach of contract, negligence, and other allegations.
  Professional Negligence Damages Lawyers retained us to assist with further financial discovery and subpoenas, and to critique/rebut another expert's report on damages, leading to an early resolution.
INSURANCE Evaluation of Insurance Claims eg Business Interruption, Stock Loss, Professional Negligence Lawyers, representatives of the insurer, and insured parties have retained us to assess the inventory and economic loss occurring as a consequence of business interruption events, to liaise with the insurers, loss adjusters and insureds, and provide expert assistance with claim resolution via litigation, e.g. mediation.
Income Protection Insurance and Review of Claim Insurers retained us to conduct accounting reviews of insured parties' income protection policy claims. We reviewed financial data submitted in the claim, business and tax structures, income and assets, and assessed data on which the proposal was based. We prepare requests for further financial discovery. To assist the insurers' assessment, we prepared a business structure and income/asset analysis model.


Property Development and Professional Negligence Lawyers retained us to provide advice regarding an action for damages arising from delays to a property development due to alleged professional negligence. Our involvement included assessing damages under multiple scenarios/assumptions, critiquing and rebutting another expert's opinion, liaising with non-accountant experts on damage models, and conferring with experts pre-trial to resolve/narrow the issues in dispute.
Building Delay and Prolongation Claim Lawyers for the plaintiff in a major construction dispute retained us. Our involvement included liaising with construction executives and non-accountant experts with input into damage models, reviewing various heads of damage eg on and off site overheads and lost opportunities, and providing a report on damages based on multiple scenarios/assumptions.
Solvency Review and Statement of Financial Position Lawyers acting for the directors of a company retained us to undertake an independent review of their company's solvency and financial position including a review of operations, premises and financial statements.
Financial Investigation of Suspected Fraud Lawyers and other interested parties retained us to conduct and report on a financial investigation of suspected fraud including a review of books and records, discussions with relevant parties, and assistance with further financial discovery.

Computer Modelling

We constructed computer models and developed sophisticated spreadsheet applications to assist with the analysis of accounting, financial and business issues.
Cashflow Forecast Review A secured lender retained us to analyse key assumptions underpinning cashflow forecasts for a publicly listed company. Our analysis demonstrated the variability of cashflows to movements in key parameters and flaws in assumptions and methodology applied.